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Fee Policy Statement

“No one will be denied access to services due to an inability to pay,  this sliding fee scale is available based on family size and income."


Your Fees

Your actual out-of-pocket per session fee will be based on your documented gross family income and the number of people dependent upon that income. 
Acceptable documentation is a picture ID plus one of the following:
•              Most recent federal or state income tax return
•              Latest W-2 Form
•              Unemployment statement
•              Card verification from the Social Security Administration or Office of Family Support
•              Statement of Income Determination from the Department of Housing.

Cancellation or No-Show of Sessions

Please note that we often maintains a waiting-list for services.  In order to honor those on the waiting list, we have the following policy regarding attendance of counseling sessions.

• If you cancel without notice for 3 consecutive appointments, your appointment time may be given to another client.  You may have to wait for another available appointment slot with that therapist or with another therapist. 

• If you no-show an appointment, you must contact your therapist to reschedule, even if you have a standing regular appointment time. 

• Same day cancellation or no-show of an appointment will result in the forfeiture of the clients deposit.

Income or Dependent Changes

Please contact us if your income or number of dependents change during the period you are receiving services at Jireh Family Services.


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