About Jireh

Exceeding Expectations One Client at a Time

Jireh's purpose is to provide therapeutic & counseling services, case management and referral services that will educate and encourage self-determination.  This will in turn facilitate lifelong achievement for the client and their ability to contribute to the community as a whole.  
We offer a flexible schedule for people in need of behavior health service aimed at children, families, couples and adult psychotherapy.  With our assistance, the client can gain tremendous insight into their emotional make up and find healing around past traumas.


About Your Therapist

Caring and non-judgmental, LaTasha Armstrong Hicks  and her staff are sincerely interested in helping people overcome challenges in their lives, even when it seems impossible.  LaTasha is a licensed Psychotherapist based in Gretna, Louisiana. She received a BA and MSW from Southern University of New Orleans.  She has over 15 years of experience working with individuals and families in need of care. She started off working with children in the foster care system, then disaster recovery, supportive housing and lastly in the medical field.  Due to her extensive social service experience she can provide not only counseling and therapy services but case management and referrals services as well. 
Client well-being is our number one priority, and we go above and beyond to help them through all their obstacles. Get in touch with us today for more information.



1799 Stumpf Blvd
Building 2, Suite 10
Gretna, LA 70056



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